Giorgia Sambrotta

Web Fullstack Developer

a complete overview from concept to live


Collection of selected works

Elliot For Water

The search engine that donates water

elliot for water

WBS Coding School

Hybrid Coding Bootcamp

wbs coding school


Opinion research tech company


Buzzfeed NY

Digital media company


Delivery Hero

Online delivery platform


100 Danish

Web Agency



Community Forum



Boat renting platform



Digital Agency



Thüringen Turist website


Volounteer, mvp, workshops or for-fun works.

Open Tech School

Free tech education



Self-hosted productivity platform



Platform connecting people through food



Platform connecting people through food


Mongo/Nodejs App

Wes Bos Nodejs course

Wine Age

Wine Catalogue


Html/Css Workshop

Opensource workshop for beginner


detail project


After graduate from Art Academy N.A.B.A in Milano, I quickly moved to Berlin where my joruney into web development has begun. At first, I sharpen my web design and UI/UX skills and then I quickly moved to Frontend development also thanks to the great IT community present in the German capital.

In my 10+ years of career as developer I had the chance to work on interesting, on-production projects with lot of traffic in companies like Civey, DeliveryHero or dEvolute

While working with amazing teams, I learned different workflow's techniques like Agile Development and I learned various coding best practices and design patterns.

While I value working in-person, I prefer working remotely, as freelance or contractor.
As remote developer, I had the opportunity to work with amazing companies on the other side of the ocean like Buzzfeed NY or Discourse as well as collaborating with web creative agencies like 100Danish.

Early stage startups like Elliot For Water or Boatify are my jam. I like flexible environments where there is the possibility to shape the architecture and product strategy. I define myself as generalist and I enjoy work on multiple areas of product development.

Lately, I work more and more in the education sector, as Fullstack Web development Bootcamp lead instructor for WBS Coding School and mentor on platform like Codementor
I believe in free education and community support and that's why I co-founded OpenTechSchoolOpenTechSchool , a community to help anyone that want to learn tech related topics.

Another way how I enjoy contributing to community is writing technical articles. Some of them are visible on my blog .

When I get some free time I also support open source projects like Nextcloud , Discourse (volunteer) , Wikimedia Foundation .


small business

small business sailboat

Do you need a new website for your business?

Are you looking for help to improve your communication to your users?

Do you need specific features for your platform like calendars, newsletters or charts?

Those are just some of the ways in which I can help you

I can support you from conception to design to development and online deployment.

We can discuss together what's the best strategy to achieving your goals.

Some of the services I offer are:

  • Concept and planning
  • Design basic
  • Provision of domain and web space
  • Project set up
  • Development - compatible for web and mobile
  • Online deployment
  • Post-deploy assistance
  • Working with milestones - your budget in mind

ambitious projects

big dreamer ship

I worked for different medium-to-big size companies and projects.

My strength is in the area of Web Frontend; Javascript and Css are my comfort zone.

I do have also a good understanding of design and backend processes, and can jump in for a quick help when needed.

I'm open to have an on-going collaboration, to join a team for a specific short-term goal or to join a bigger projects with longer term goals.

Here an overview of my skills relevant for you:

  • Active part in concept and planning
  • UI/UX support
  • React, Nodejs, Redux, Nextjs are my daily tasks
  • Npm, Webpack, Jest, Sentry and similar tools
  • Command line user
  • Extensive experience with agile, scrum and kanban.
  • CI/CD and deployment workflow
  • Hosting solutions
  • Prompt communication
  • Tasks ownership

coaching support


Are you looking to strength your coding skills? Or maybe just need an expert eye to review your code and guide you through the best practices?

Either if you are already a developer that wants to step up your game or a complete beginner that is looking for guidance in your learning path, I can help you to achieve your goals.

With many years has generalist programming coach and 2 years has fullstack web development Bootcamp lead instructor, I can guide you in develop a programming mindset. My coaching style aim to provide you with tools to learn and overcome future problems by yourown.

What you can expect from a coaching session with me:

  • Understanding of the problem together
  • Planning of new projects architecture
  • Best practice
  • Explanation of foundamental of computer and web
  • Lve 1:1 session
  • Code review
  • Debugging and bug fixing
  • Suggestion for commonly used library, framework or tools
  • Exercise, links and resources to keep learning on yourown
  • Discord community
  • Free Q&A session with other students on request

You can contact me directly by email or you can book a session with me on Codementor badge