Hello, i'm Giorgia

A Frontend Developer & Designer


I'm passionated about web development and interface design and how this can impact our communication.
I specialise in a refined combination of web development and design, where I interweave these elements to produce intuitive, functional websites that are beautifully designed. I enjoy to use my skills to visualize data in clear and creative way.

In my carrier as remote freelance, i got the chance to work for companies like BuzzFeed or DeliveryHero where the workflow is more structured and i could interact with awesome developers, i also work for a varaiety of small projects or early stage startups like ExtraPaddle and Boatify or web agency like 100Danish, MagicLabs and dEvolute.

I believe in free education and community support therefore i'm an active memeber of Berlin's IT community. As co-founder and co-organizer of OpenTechSchool, i spend my free time organizing and coaching during meetups and/or workshops Frontend related topics. Beyond that, i help various numbers of small open source projects like The mininternet or 3DWeb workshops

I am of the opinion we should take more care of our privacy and security, i'm interested in ways to get our web experience more secure and private. I thruly think privacy should be much simpler and affordable to everybody.

I realize that as beginner developer or expert developer is easy to find resources outside to improve your skills but as middle developer is quite hard to find resource and therefore difficult to get better at programming. Since i'm currently focusing on deep understanding of the inner working of Javascript language and found it foundamental in order to be expert developer, i decided to document all of it in a blog

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A good balance between well written code and original and organized interface is the key for successfully product



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